What We Do

What do we do?

We are a training and outdoor experience provider using the best classroom and the best medicine, the natural world, mostly woodlands and also beaches. Since 2010 we have been offering commercial services as a social enterprise to enable us to reach people made vulnerable by their circumstances. Here are some examples of what we have done.

Working with Cornwall Parent Carer Council we ran work over 2 years in total with children, young people and families across Cornwall with additional needs. We learnt a lot and we know the project had an impact. Please see our report on this project called Embracing Nature here. This work was funded with two consecutive Big Lottery bids including a public vote with Peoples Millions.

We have worked with children and young people identified for their behavioural issues and young people who are carers for their parents and grieving children.

Each time we use various methods to measure what we do to see what impact the work has on children and young people with regard to their emotional well being and their attitudes to nature. These include methods which produce numbers to give us graph evidence and methods which capture the journey and the story for the children and young people. Please find more written evidence here called The Impact of Immersive Outdoor Activities in Local Woodlands on Young Carers Emotional Literacy and Well-Being which was published. This work was conducted in collaboration with Plymouth University Good from Woods project.

Here is our own evaluation on another project with vulnerable children called The Tree Haven Project.

We have been part of Dose of Nature project where we ran nature prescriptions projects for 3 surgeries in Cornwall in St. Ives, Hayle and the biggest one in Cornwall in St. Austell. This is the national document on this research and this is our own.

We ran a project for people with severe and enduring mental health problems which was also published, this is our research and this was the published article in the Royal College of Nursing Journal of Mental Health.

Further to this we ran an EU funded project for vulnerable women with research conducted for us by a student from Truro College: Impact of Forest School on Vulnerable women study.

As part of the Learning Partnership, if you live in Cornwall you might be interested in our other EU funded programmes:

For our work around mental well being for young people please see the Mind Your Way service.

Staying with mental health we have also just found out we will helping to establish the Cornwall Recovery College.

We also have a great nature based offer for people in the Falmouth and Penryn area called Living Well project.

Over the last 5 years we have planted 2, 000 trees in community sites across Cornwall as part of the Woodland Trust community planting scheme.